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VIDEO: BMW M2 in Exhaust Shot Put Automotive Olympic Games

It’s day three of the Carwow Automotive Olympic Games. We’ve currently seen the Balanced Gymnastics and the Reverse Drag Race occasions up until now. The four competitors in the video games are the Caterham 620S from Terrific Britain, the BMW M2 from Germany, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 from U.S.A and the Honda Civic Type R from Japan. The medal count is as follows, the Caterham has simply one silver. BMW’s M2 has a bronze, as does Jeep, but the Honda leads with the only gold. But the next Olympic event for the four vehicles is the Exhaust Shot Put. The event is simple,

each automobile lines up at the beginning line one at a time and policy sized balls are suited their exhaust pipelines. The cars then start their engines and the back pressure fires the balls out. The overall range of all the balls are determined for each car and whoever has the highest overall range wins. Up, representing America, is the Jeep SRT-8. Four balls are stuffed into its four exhaust pipes and its magnificent 6.4 liter, 475 hp V8 rumbles to life, pushing the balls out. It gets a respectable push, with a total distance of 16.43 meters for all 4 balls integrated. It sounded truly excellent, too.

Next up is the Caterham, representing its host country of Fantastic Britain. Its 310 hp supercharged


engine pushes all its exhaust through one pipeline. So just one ball is used for this test, however with all of that pressure on simply one ball, it needs to shoot far. And it certainly does. The single ball fires out like a rocket and rolls to an excellent 28 meters. That’s going to be tough to beat. Following the Caterham is the Honda Civic Type R, for Japan. It, like the Jeep, has four exhaust pipes. It’s down on power in this test,

with only a 306 hp turbo-four. The Civic begins up and the balls somewhat slackly fall out and only add up to 14.06 meters. It’s an uninspiring effort from Honda. After the Honda is the BMW M2. It likewise has 4 exhaust pipelines, but they appear a bit narrower and the balls fit a bit tighter, so it might have excellent pressure to press.

The M2’s 365 hp turbocharged I6 engine roars to life and the balls get a good shot. While none of them go nearly as far as the Caterham, it’s the total that matters. Can the M2 match the Caterham with a combined total? Nearly, with 22.79 meters. The Caterham takes home its first gold and is now leading the Automotive Olympic medal chart with one gold and one silver. Honda is available in second with one gold medal.

The BMW M2 is third, with a silver and a bronze. While America gets the tail end with just 2 bronze medals. However, BMW looks to be considering a lead, as it will likely take gold in the Balanced Gymnastics. The outcomes from the ballot survey aren’t in yet, the M2 is leading with a tremendous 82 percent of votes for the gold. Stay tuned for more Automotive Olympic occasions. — video–

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BMW M2 leaked on the web

The brand-new BMW M2 has just been leaked by Auto Express UK. According to Auto Express, the M2 gets a turbo 3.0-liter inline 6 turned up to 370 horse power and 343 lb-ft of torque. An additional 25 lb-ft of torque comes from an overboost function. The gearboxes, brakes, front and rear axles, crankshaft and pistons come from the M4. It comes conventional with a manual transmission, while a 7-speed DCT is optional.

The magazine states the M2 is 35 kilograms lighter than the M235i. All of that power permits the M2, with the optional M Double Clutch Transmission (M DCT) in place and Launch Control turned on, to run from rest to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.3 seconds (4.5 s with the six-speed handbook gearbox).

Unfortunately, we still cannot release the complete information due to an embargo, so stay tuned, we have much more to unveil.

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