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2016 BMW 7 Series – Official Information and Photos

BMW has officially revealed the latest version of their flaghship car: the iconic 7 series, codename G11. The launch of this car is very important for BMW, as it provides and shows the technology that BMW will use on all their cars in the next years.

A universal holder suitable with a range of cellular phone with Wireless Charging comes requirement. The Wireless Charging feature includes a holder in the center console with LED charge status display screen in addition to a 2nd microphone to enhance the hands-free capability for the front passenger.

Luxury Seating Comfort and Rear Executive Lounge Seating

The Luxury Rear Seating Package including Back Ventilated and Comfort Seats, Heated Front and Rear Armrests and a 7 inch Touch Command Tablet offers incomparable seating convenience. The massage function for the comfort seats offers an option of eight programs, each with three different levels of intensity, which are designed to relax and stimulate the muscles in targeted areas of the body. In the back, travelers can indulge in the Vigor Program. Specifically designed for new BMW 7 Series, the passengers can engage in active training to rejuvenate the body on longer trips. The training program The optional Back- seat home entertainment system screens.

The optional Back Executive Lounge Seating Plan offers added travel comfort in the rear seat behind the front passenger seat. The backrest can be reclined to an angle of as much as 42.5 degrees, enabling the seat to be moved into a peaceful position. To offer the traveler in the back even higher legroom, the front traveler seat can be moved forward by an additional 90 millimeters/ 3.5 inches and its backrest tilted all the method forward. For a completely unblocked view to the front, the head restraint can be folded down. An electrically run fold-out footrest can be found on the back of the front passenger seat. The Rear-seat home entertainment system screen can likewise be electrically changed to the ideal viewing angle for the rear traveler. The Executive Lounge rear center console also showcases a fold-out table, two cupholders and a storage compartment, in addition to the brand-new BMW 7 inch Touch Command Tablet.

Touch Command Tablet: completely linked with the vehicle

The detachable BMW Touch Command Tablet showcases a 7 inch screen and lets the residents manage comfort functions such as seat modification, interior lighting and cooling, in addition to the infotainment, navigation and interaction system. The Touch Command Tablet can play external audio and video files, surfing the internet or be utilized as a video games console. A WiFi hotspot developed into the vehicle offers the essential online connection. Choice made on the tablet will then play on one of the 10-inch screens of the Rear-seat entertainment system.

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2016 BMW X1 – World Premiere

Highest power in it’s class
The all brand-new BMW X1 will certainly be readily available from launch with a brand new 2.0-liter BMW TwinPower Turbo engine featuring a twin-tailpipe design that draws additional focus on the sporty character of the all new BMW X1. The BMW X1 xDrive28i showcases BMW’s new modular BMW EfficientDynamics engine, a 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder device with a TwinScroll turbocharger, High Accuracy Injection, VALVETRONIC completely variable valve lift, and Double-VANOS variable camshaft timing. This effective engine develops 228 hp at 5,000 rpm, representing the highest power output in the entry model class and thanks to BMW’s EfficientDynamics technology. The peak torque of 258 lb-ft, which is available between 1,250 rpm and 4,500 rpm guarantees when again that the driving torque is effortlessly and instantly provided for a dynamic and agile driving experience. Its instantaneous pulling power makes it possible for acceleration of 0 to 60 miles per hour in 6.3 seconds. The brand-new BMW X1 xDrive28i CO2 emissions stand at 152– 49 grams per kilometer (in the EU test cycle, depending upon the tire format defined). US EPA mileage estimates will be offered closer to launch.

Flexible, fast to respond and more efficient than ever: the xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system in the brand-new BMW X1
The compact, low-weight and effective all-wheel-drive system distributes the engine’s power between the front and rear axle precisely as the scenario needs– at all times. Working closely with DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) allows the system to act preemptively to neutralize any tendency on the car’s towards oversteer or understeer. The BMW xDrive system for that reason ensures excellent traction, optimized directional stability and enhanced cornering characteristics in all weather and roadway conditions. The combination of the DSC system and xDrive likewise consists of Hill Descent Control.

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Concorso d’Eleganza: BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage Photos

BMW took the world by surprise with the reveal of the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage at the 2015 Concorso d’Eleganza. “Our Hommage vehicles not only demonstrate how happy we are of our heritage, but also how vital the past can be in determining our future,” states Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design.

The other day we brought you unique pictures of the 3.0 CSL Hommage and now we have a new set of high-resolution pictures showing the automobile from multiple angles.

The Hommage Idea sticks out with its muscular front end and upright grille are reminiscent to the original CSL and its muscular racing design. There are ‘X’s designed into the twin-circle headlights, to evoke memories of the stickered ‘X’s on the headlights of long range racing cars of yore. The size of the kidney grille is exactly what bothered everybody after seeing the automobile, however we believe this is a design exercise to highlight a future design language where the front-end of the vehicles ends up being more huge — — simply not as massive as this one.

Right here is how our own Nico DeMattia described the front and rear-end design:

From the front end, a constant horizontal line runs the sides of the vehicle. In profile, this line is seen throughout the whole length of the long wheelbase, offering the vehicle a long, low and streamlined look. Dark CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) sideskirts lend a visual gap between the intense yellow color of the bodywork and the pavement below. While the low hood and roofline, combined with the enormous 21″ wheels give the CSL Hommage an extremely low looking position. You’ll likewise notice the side-mounted exhaust pipes mounted just in front of the rear wheels. The CSL Hommage even has BMW Roundels installed at the base of the C Pillars, a throwback to the exact same design on the initial CSL.

The rear end is where the CSL Hommage truly comes alive, as the aerodynamic rear fenders form upward to create a rear wing between the both of them. An LED light bar runs the length of the wing down into the back of the car and is a spectacular piece of design. At the bottom, a CFRP rear diffuser lends a racing seek to the back of the Hommage. From above, the CSL Hommage shows off its curves, and you can clearly see how the vehicle forms a ‘V’ at both front and rear ends.

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BMW reveals the special edition BMW 435i ZHP Coupe

Paying tribute to the renowned ZHP Efficiency Bundle, BMW today released information for a 2016 BMW 435i ZHP Coupe Edition. The original ZHP alternative code was developed by BMW Person as a performance plan for the 2003-2006 E46 3 Series that consisted of the M-Tech II body kit, a ZHP shifter knob and shifter, updated suspension parts and settings, a different DME and unique cam shafts that raised power output to 235 hp and enabled a higher redline.

Satisfying the desires of real enthusiasts, the plan was quickly referred to by its internal option bundle code ‘ZHP’. BMW of North America embraced the thirst for the unique BMW 435i ZHP Coupe Edition again leading to the distinct partnership in between factory choices and key aspects from the amazing BMW M Performance Device brochure. Just 100 of these very unique vehicles will be offered.

The brand-new BMW 435i ZHP Coupe Edition is not just an automobile with improved optics and aerodynamics; it is also significantly quicker with more precise handling. These components take the vehicle’s capabilities to levels that those knowledgeable about BMW’s racing heritage can value. The BMW M Efficiency line of devices offers an unique, stylish character to additionally boost driving characteristics and is the result of years of racing knowledge and has been developed in close collaboration with BMW M GmbH. Each component goes through an intensive development and production process resulting in uncompromised performance. Special chassis, aerodynamic, cockpit and powertrain components are discovered throughout the BMW 435i ZHP Coupe Edition. Key characteristics are:

Track Handling Plan, new for MY16
BMW M Efficiency Limited Slip Differential (LSD).
BMW M Performance Parts.
M Sport Bundle.

Track Handling Package
Developed to enhance the dynamic abilities of the currently active BMW 435i, the Track Handling Plan adds 18″ Orbit Grey V-Spoke Wheels and M Sport Brakes with 4 piston repaired front and 2 piston dealt with rear calipers enhancing the automobiles thirst and motorists demand for speed and acceleration. This plan includes the Adaptive M Suspension with variable damper innovation as well as Variable Sport Steering.

BMW M Efficiency Limited Slip Differential
Created and produced for BMW lovers, the mechanical Restricted Slip Differential supplies the extra efficiency benefit that true performance motorists desire. This differential utilizes 3 clutch plates for a total of 30 % lockup on acceleration and 9 % lockup on deceleration. This lockup supplies instant power to the wheel that has the best quantity of grip to obtain much better traction from tight corners. A fringe benefit in low-grip circumstances is that both wheels get equal torque, implying more forward driving force on roads with lowered traction. The M Efficiency limited slip differential optimizes the traction, and makes sure more regulated and precise driving habits at the automobiles limitations of adhesion. The M Performance LSD is a real benefit while at the track or in sporty driving circumstances.

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Wallpapers – 2015 BMW 3 Series Facelift LCI

Courtesy of BMW, we bring you some remarkable wallpapers with the new 2015 BMW 3 Series Facelift. The 2 sets of pictures describe perfectly the idea behind the two designs and highlight the visual modifications.

The 2015 BMW 3 Series Sedan and Exploring function sharper design and sportier front and rear views. Designers have actually provided the headlights a redesign with optional full-LED lighting while the LED taillights are sharper and more dynamic. The rear end likewise gets more sculpted and plainly specified lines.

The outside didn’t require much updating, as it wasn’t bad looking, however the new headlights, taillights and front consumptions just tighten up the whole package up. The M Sport Line is the most good-looking of the lot.

The new BMW 340i has replaced the leading 335i design and now provides more power and much better driving characteristics. With 326 hp, compared with the 300 hp in the 335i, the 340i ought to pack a serious punch.

BMW’s 3 Series Touring is still among the most stunning, glamorous and sportier sports wagons on the marketplace and with the most recent visual and engine updates, it will sell much more in Europe.

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BMW M4 Exhaust Comparison: Hamann vs Akrapovic vs Stock

Without a doubt the stock exhaust of the BMW m4 is the quite a tame one, so there are on the market some alternatives with a much deeper grumble. The loudest and inmost sounding of the three is the Hamann exhaust, however some may such as the Akrapovic for its more civilized sound. The video customer does not take the 3 cars on the road and tape the noise, a more practical comparison.

An excellent exhaust system and its sound stands out through a series of downshifts, tunnel drives and backfires, for instance, so a more comprehensive test drive is in order before picking exactly what the very best exhaust system for the M4 is.

We haven’t had a chance to experience the Hamann system, however we did spend a couple of minutes with the Akrapovic device at Nurburgring in 2014. Sadly, in a parking area likewise.

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