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Rinspeed BMW i3 Called Budii to debut at 2015 Geneva Auto Show

Frank Rinderknecht and his team at Rinspeed will reveal the Budii concept at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

The Budii is based upon the BMW i3 and comes with a self-driving function. If the occupants of the autonomously driving electrical vehicle seem like having some enjoyable at the wheel on a twisty country road or off roadway, a robotic arm will certainly hand the steering wheel to the motorist of front traveler as desired, therefore transferring command.

The sensitive 7-axis system will certainly make limitless adjustment choices possible: for instance, during automated driving in the daily commute it parks the steering wheel in the center with minimum space requirements or it works as a table or mindful personal valet. This is made possible by the distinct and multi-redundant “steer-by-wire” innovation from Paravan.

According to Frank M. Rinderknecht, autonomous driving will unquestionably offer the opportunity to make traffic more people-friendly and lower the variety of traffic mishaps worldwide. “However even the best innovation will not be best, albeit less vulnerable to error than people. That is something we will certainly have to accept,” states the employer of the Swiss powerhouse of automotive ideas Rinspeed. “We ought to not develop a blind, however rather a healthy rely on the brand-new capabilities of the hardware and software.”

Inside, Budii features a brand-new operating and display screen system with a host of innovative home entertainment, security and service functions, and is based upon the next-generation scalable platform from Harman. The innovations incorporate all functions of the RoboCar and quasi bring “Budii” to life.

The system independently recognizes the routines and preferences of the driver, and as a result minimizes the required operating steps to a minimum. Therefore, the automobile becomes a learning and proactive friend. The Harman audio division provides the premium stereo of the Harman Kardon brand name, letting “Budii” indulge its travelers with music in best HD quality.

The HMI design was developed by Luxoft Consulting Germany, the lightweight-construction aluminum frame for the central display screen by Georg Fischer Automotive. NXP with its intelligent networking innovations provides the safe connection of the vehicle and its owners to the outdoors world. This includes radar and ‘Vehicle-to-X’ options along with automatic payment for parking by means of NFC, mobile phone charging by means of wireless power charging, clever access solutions, and a keyless entry remote for opening, starting and customizing the car. In addition, solid state lighting items supply the correct LED lighting on the vehicle.

The electrically powered eye-catcher based upon the BMW “i3” was crafted by Swiss business 4erC. The technical application was in the hands of Esoro, which also put “Budii” on stylish 19-inch 8-twin-spoke alloys from Borbet. The technical goodies include an air suspension with a ride-height modification range of 100 mm, which will certainly ensure that fun gets away from daily regimen will certainly remain to be possible in the future.

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BMW i3 Interesting Videos

BMW releases a new series of videos that highlight some of the main functions of the BMW i3 while providing some guidance on on how to run the electric automobile.

Showcasing a professional BMW Brilliant, the video series concentrates on charging your BMW i3 (L1 vs L2 vs DC Fast Charging), effective battery use, instrument cluster, owner’s manual and interior and exterior storage.

While the majority of the i3 owners are probably familiar with these functions, the educational videos are a terrific introduction to the i3 for prospective owners who still have a lot of concerns prior to the purchase.

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BMW i3 Wins Green Vehicle of the Year

BMW i3 wins Green Automobile of the Year Award 2015. Numerous awards highlight the success of the BMW i3 in its first year on the marketplace.

November 21, 2014

Munich. With the Green Car of the Year Award 2015, the BMW i3 has included a more prize to an outstanding raft of honours in its very first year on the marketplace. It was chosen for this award, provided by Eco-friendly Vehicle Journal at the L.a Auto Show 2014, as the first devoted all-electric car in the premium section. This newest honour, which includes to a long tally of awards the BMW i3 has actually picked up over the previous months, is a further recommendation of this model s unique sustainable movement concept. More than 12,000 BMW i3s have already been sold considering that November 2013. The presence of a growing number of of these automobiles on the roadways of cities all over the world is clear evidence that it is now possible to successfully mate zero tailpipe emissions with premium-class driving enjoyment, and that this groundbreaking combination is here to stay. One year after its launch, the BMW i3 is currently the third best-selling all-electric vehicle on the market.

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Chris Harris test drives the BMW i8

Everyone’s preferred reporter, Chris Harris, goes to Lost Angeles to check drive the brand-new BMW i8.

BMW i8 uses a plug-in hybrid system including a turbocharged three-cylinder BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol engine and BMW eDrive technology in the kind of an electric drive system.

In the back of the BMW i8, the B38 three-cylinder engine makes 231 hp and delivers its power solely to the rear wheels. At the front, an electrical motor is set up, which is powered by a lithium-ion battery in the middle of the vehicle. The system efficiency drives up to 362 horsepower.

Reporters are reporting 0 to 60 mph times of 3.8 seconds.

Let’s take a look.

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First BMW i8 Crash on German Highway

The very first BMW i8 sports car has been crashed and if reports are to be believed, a test driver was behind the wheel of the pre-production model when the 30-year-old lost control of the expensive i8 prototype. Driving the BMW hybrid halo sports vehicle was a 30 year old BMW test driver and excessive speed was pointed out by the cops as a consider the mishap. The vehicle was traveling “” a bit too quick,” “Police Chief Commissioner Nicholas Bishop thinks.

The i8 first crashed into the typical barrier and was then flung throughout the street, pulling up in the right lane. The test driver was unhurt. This i8 may have seen its last days of screening.

through merkur-online. de

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BMW’s self-parking i3

Engadget goes behind the wheel of the BMW i3 and tries out the Parking Package available for BMW’s first electric vehicle.
The $1,000 Park Assistant package offers all-round assistance for especially easy and worry-free parking: with Park Distance Control in the front, rear-view camera in the rear, and the Park Assistant, not only is convenient parking by the driver possible, but also a fully-automatic option – where the BMW i3 accelerates, brakes and steers itself – is available too.

The official ordering guide for the 2014 BMW i3 is now available to the U.S. customers. The base price of the 2014 BMW i3 starts at $41,350 and those looking for the i3 REx (Range Extender) will have to shell out $45,200. Destination and Handling fee is set at $925.
Two World packages are offered, Giga and Tera, for $1700, respectively $2700. Other options are offered as well.

Here is the video review:

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Video showing BMW i8 Advanced Features

In 2014, the new will pertain to market as the Bavarian’s first entry in an untapped section: premium hybrid sportscars.

The BMW i8 brings the vision of a modern and sustainable sportscar to life. The highly-emotional design right away makes it clear exactly what qualities the BMW i8 has to offer. A trademark function of BMW i cars is the front “black belt”. On the BMW i8, it emerges in a “V” shape from the bonnet and extends back over the roofing system into the rear section of the vehicle, where it frames the center area of the rear apron.

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