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BMW F10 M5 S63Tu Engine explained

S63Tu is the codename of the V8 high-revving twin turbo M/// engine that powers the mighty 2012 M5 F10. Being a first turbocharged production engine out the M division factory, it seems to be quite complicated made as structure, and also in terms of cooling.

You can see a ful engine gallery in this earlier post:

Below there are some photos from, that explain each group of parts from the new engine block,turbocharged system and cooling system.

Bmw m5 f10 v8 engine cover

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BMW M5 F10 manual transmission shifter

F10 M5 with Manual Transmission

In an earlier post, I post a news that BMW will not use the AWD X-drive transmission for the 2012 F10 M5. Like it’s predecessor, the E60, it seems that the Manual transmission will still be available but just for the US market. It’s a pitty that this option is not offered instead in Europe, taking in account that most cars in US are using automatic transmissions.

The new M5 automatic transmission is a 7 speed DCT dual clutch, that can change gears faster than any normal driver, but for sheer driving experience a manual tranny is alyways nice to have.

BMW M5 F10 manual transmission shifter

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