The below video is a drag race comparison from null to 100 mph (~160kph) between the 2013 BMW M5 F10 and the Tesla S, which is the performance electric saloon car developed the Tesla.

Tesla Model S specifications

443 lb-ft torque @ 0-5100rpm, RWD, 0-60mph 4.4s (factory quoted), 4,647 lbs

F10 M5 specifications

– 502 lb-ft torque @ 1500-6560rpm, RWD, 0-62mph 4.4s (factory quoted), 4,288 lbs

It is remarkable how the Tesla takes the lead and keeps it for a while, though it’s obvious that the M5 wasn’t launched properly using the Launch Control feature, plus there is a slight reaction delay from the M5 driver at the start line. The Tesla S also has very low top speed limited, due to the Electric power train and Gearing, so its not a clear winner of the race.