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The new M5 F10 is still the king in the segment, but dropping the old E60 V10, in favor of a V8, somehow has ruined the special experience of owning or driving one.

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Usually, i post BMW reviews from popular sources like Grip, Autoblogger, Fifthgear, Chris Harris, but this time the review of the 2013 BMW M5 F10 comes from Moscow, from Smotra TV youtube channel.
Eric, the presenter, is owner of a popular M5 E60 painted in Gold and a well-known city race driver in Moscow. After a shortdrive in Moscow, he tries to find out what is the real power output of the new turbocharged M5. The Dyno figures for the new M5 are 552 Hp and 701 NM , a bit less power and a bit more torque than the estimated 560 hp and 680 NM official figures.

I agree with most of the things described by Eric, because when you want to release a new version of a product, do not just improve the bad things from previous version, but also do no remove the good ones (In this case BMW removed the party piece, the core of the M5, which was the V10 NA engine revving to 8500 RPM). The 5 liters V10 NA with direct injection plus an improved exhaust system would have had probably the same output around 550 HP, and with the new 7 speed dual clutch gearbox it would have put the power down even better.