The most powerful and fastest BMW could not come, but only of course from the G-Power tuning company. After the Hurricane (730 HP) and Hurricane RR (800 HP) tuned versions, G-Power has released their top tuning package for the M5, in the form of Hurricane RRS with 830 HP and some new aerodynamic elements and customised blue paint color. The G-Power Hurricane model which is based on the E60 BMW E60 is already tagged as the fastest sedan on the planet. It can reach a speed of 372kph (231mph) using it’s V10 supercharged (2 kompressors) engine which as we previously reported is approximately the max speed of the famous McLaren F1 supercar (which also has a BMW engine – naturally aspirated V12).

BMW E60 M5 G-Power Hurricane RRS

The German tuning house is now celebrating creating their 100th Hurricane by offering a few extra ponies under the hood. By switching to an Alpha-N engine management system, the engine can now reach an output of 830 PS (610kW /819hp) between 7,500 and 8,000 rpm while the peak torque remains 800Nm (590lb-ft).

Because the traction is rear wheel drive, the 30 HP increase does not bring any performance advantages for the 0-100 kph (0-60mph) acceleration, 4.3 seconds still being required. But the 0-200 kph acceleration is blistering fast, done in a stupendous 9.1 seconds, better than most of the stock supercars.