Despite the fact that the new BMW F10 M5 is very heavy, it has the perfect ingredients to be one of the best drifting sedans available for sale, though probably the average owners will not do this at all .
– 560 bhp and 680 Nm of torque
– long wheelbase
– M-sport differential
– Rear wheel drive

BMW M5 F10 drifting by autocar

BMW’s F10 M5 will feature a rear sub-frame bolted directly to the frame. There will be no rubber or even urethane bushings to offer any cushioning, and as a result this typical race car setup will allow for direct, precise road feel from the rear. This setup will also contribute to the reportedly highly neutral (and highly driftable!) handling of the new M5.

Watch the following video, to see what Autocar thinks about the new power saloon from Munich.