Motorsport France has recorded a full acceleration run of the new M5 F10, so a direct acceleration comparison can be done with the car that it replaces: the E60 M5.


Main tehnical figures
BMW M5 F10 vs BMW M5 E60

Engine: twin turbo V8 | V10 aspirated
MAX power: 560 hp | 507 NM
Torque : 680 NM | 520 NM
Weight: 1950kg | 1850kg
Max revs: 7200 rpms | 8250 rpms

0-100 km/h : 4.1 s | 4.6s
100-200 km/h : 8.2s | 9.4s
200-250 km/h : ~8s | ~9s
250-300 km/h : ~17s | ~17s
over 300km/h the old V10 goes faster and reaches 330km/h on the dash, while the F10 stops around 315-320km/h .

The main difference in terms of acceleration is done by the higher torque of the F10 twin turbo v8 unit, 140NM more, but importantly which goes at max value below 2000 rpm instead of 500rpm on the E60 model.

Conclusion notes
1. The F10 m5 is significantly faster than E60 model, but with an amazing 30% improved fuel economy. The E60 worst part is that you have to fill up every ~400km/h when going on a trip.
2. It seems that the new M5 is slower than the previous model over 300km/h , probably because of the gearing . The 6th and 7th gears are probably setup for economy (the new M5 is 30% more fuel economic than it’s predecessor)

Full tehnical details of the 2012 M5 f10

  • BMW V8 Twin Scroll Twin Turbo
  • Displacement: 4,395cc
  • Weight, unladen (DIN/EU) – 1870kg / 1945kg (4,122lb / 4,286lb)
  • 560hp (at 6,000rpm) (E60 M5 reached max 507PS at 7750rpm)
  • 501 lb-ft torque (max torque at just 1500rpm) (vs E60 M5 which had max torque of 507Nm)
  • 7-speed DCT transmission
  • Average fuel consumption: 9.9 litres/100 kilometres (28.5 mpg imperial / 23.5 US MPG)
  • 0-100km (0-62mph) in 4.4 seconds (E60 M5 took 4.7 seconds)
  • 0-200km (0-124mph)in 13 seconds
  • Top speed: 250kmh (155mph)
  • M-Drivers-Package will increase top speed from 250km/h to 305km/h (155mph to 189mph)
  • Average fuel consumption: 9.9 litres/100 kilometres (28.5 mpg imperial / 23.5 US MPG)
  • CO2 emissions: 232 g/km, exhaust standard: EU5.
  • Active M Differential
  • Tires shown are 265/35 ZR 20″ front 295/30 ZR 20″ rear (optional — 265/40 ZR 19″ front 295/35 ZR 19″ rear standard)

And finally an encounter of the 2 M5 cars on the german autobahn, when the F10 was still under testing/development :