Chris Harris from EVO tries to find out if the down sides of the ex-M5 E60 are fullfilled by the new launched M5 F10.
So far all the M5 F10 reviews are positive and confirm the fact that the new model is significantlly better than the old that car it replaces , mostly in terms of every day usability.

Chris questions are the following:
– Has it got any range (fuel)?
Seems the average MPG is around 23mpg which is about 10l/100km. Also it has now a 80 liters fuel tank, so an extra 10 liters comparing with the E60.

– Has it got torque?
With a massive 680 NM of torque, it almost doesn’t matter in what gear you are, it simply flies away.

– Can you not rev the tits off it and still go quite quickly?
Being turbocharged the torque figures have been significantly increased.

– Does its gearbox want to break your neck everytime you change gears quickly?
The new model is equipped with dual clutch 8 speed gearbox which can change gears faster and in a more comfortable manner than the old E60.
As a plus for the E60 M5, the gear changes in the fastest way made the car being felt so aggresively and super car like.

– Can an M5 really be turbocharged?
It surely is a M/// performance car and despite the fact is turbocharged, it can still rev very high . As a downside is the engine sound which is not so fantastic as the E60 V10.

The noise needs more space for discussion than we have available, but here’s the outline plot. This car doesn’t have a signature voice like all of its predecessors. In trying to make something musical from an inherently un-musical engine layout, BMW has given the M5 several different voices: under full load at low engine speeds it’s a hollow, almost flat-plane drone. Then there’s a Veyron-esque surging whoosh of low frequency that gives way to a fascinating top-end that owes as much to a highly tuned Impreza as it does any previous M car.